Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday!

Okay, so I'm sort of on cloud nine at the moment. Monday was Greg and my anniversary. We've been married for a year, already! I can't believe it. He's so amazing, it's like a dream come true. Anyway, enough oozing over my husband (on a public forum, at least). We exchanged gifts on Sunday because he just couldn't wait to give me mine. Well, he got me an iPad!! I love it! It's amazing. Then, he opened his gift; a card and two $25 gift cards to Best Buy and Amazon Kindle; and his year of dates (number one on my to do list from last week's 10 for Tuesday).  He hasn't opened the first one yet, but as he does, I'll share what we do! And that is all that I have to report at the moment, so I will leave you with some new photos from my brand new iPad!

See how happy daddy makes Elizabeth? 

Happy hump day! 

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