Tuesday, May 1, 2012

10 for Tuesday: App for iProducts

Hey ya'll! Welcome to this week's Tuesday Top Ten. Today, I am providing you with a review of my top ten favorite apps for my iPhone/iPad. Surprisingly, most of them are games with which I love to kill time!

#10: Zynga's Games "With Friends"

From left to right, you have Words with Friends, Scramble with Friends, Chess with Friends, and Hanging with Friends.  

Words is a simple scrabble-like game. Scramble reminds me a bit a boggle. Chess is just chess (Greg beats me every time). Then there's hanging, it's similar to hangman, but you lose balloons instead of gaining body parts.

#9: Zen Brush
 I love this app. Although, I do say that it is better suited for the iPad than the iPhone. 

#8: Cut the Rope & Cut the Rope: Experiments
 I love these games! They are fun, and let's face it, Om Nom (the green creature in the picture) is just adorable! You just want him to get the candy, and collect a few stars in the process. 

#7: Plants vs. Zombies
This game is awesome! I mean, I first got it for the PC like 3 or 4 years ago, and have been addicted to it ever since! I have it for my Xbox and obviously my iPhone and iPad. I love that they made it slightly different for each of the aforementioned ways to play as well. 

#6: Angry Birds
 Well, hello there little birdy! Please don't throw yourself angrily at me! I guess some naughty little piggies decided to steal some eggs. They like eggs with their bacon? Wait, they don't eat bacon. So why do they want these eggs? I'm not sure, but it has certainly made these birds angry.  You can help these little guys get revenge in (from left to right above, listed newest to oldest) Angry Birds Space, Rio, Seasons, and of course the original; Angry Birds. 

#5: Google Maps
Best for navigation, by far.

#4: Draw Something
 Great game! I'm pretty sure it's available to droids as well. But I love it. 
Also, Greg and I love to make fun of our friends "not so good" drawings. I mean, how was I supposed to get that word out of that picture?! 

#3: Where's my Water?
By far my favorite game at the moment. It's made by Disney. I'm currently waiting on them to update it, because I've beaten everything they've offered up so far. 

#2: Amazon Kindle & iBooks
The Kindle app is my favorite for books, because my husband and I use the same amazon account and easily share books. However, the iBooks app is Apple's book app. I use it to buy books I know Greg would never read (like last year I bought Something Borrowed by Emily Giffin), and it is where I store all of my pattern PDFs! It is quite handy when I'm working on a project, and I don't waste any paper! 

#1: Camera+ & iPhoto
Camera+ is awesome! It has so many option for editing photos! I just downloaded iPhoto when I got my iPad on Sunday, so I haven't really got to play with it, but I definitely love the journal aspect of it. It will make sharing photos with family and friends so much easier!

There you have it, my favorite apps.

I will update shortly with number one from last week!

Love to all, Beav

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