Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ten for Tuesday: To Do Edition

This week's top ten is my Pinterest "To Do" List. I am addicted to Pinterest, it makes me feel productive without actually getting anything done. It gives me so many new and creative ideas of things to do that my list is getting out of control! So for this week I decided to look through my ever-growing list, and get it down to ten things that I simply must do before the year is out! 

I love these! They are so cute! And I can just picture them in Elizabeth's room on the floor for us to read on! I'd like to get them done sooner rather than later so that we can enjoy them! My only concern is our pets and their hair. I imagine they would collect it like crazy. Although, they could go in pet-free rooms! 

 I love this sweater. It's beautiful! I am planning on making it for Christmas. 

Isn't this simply gorgeous!? I'm hoping to have it done sooner, rather than later. I'm working on the pieces in between other projects. I'm excited to use it as a project bag. I'm excited to show of what I can do when I'm working on something. This looks pretty simple to construct, it will just take time to get all of the pieces completed!

I'm torn between the two. I'm thinking this will make an adorable Fourth of July outfit for Elizabeth. I'm picturing red, white, and blue, obviously! Which pattern I follow will ultimately come down to how much time I allow to actually get it done. I'm considering the bandana dress for this year. Next year, when she will be standing, running around, and can show it off more then we'll do the Pillowcase dress.

This is such a beautiful idea! We have just the wall for it in the dining room. After I have all of the pictures collected, we will actually hang them. Ours will be a tad different, but this is what gave me the basic idea.

These are a necessity for my little monster's butt. Again, I will wait to do them until she begins standing and walking in order to show them off more. 

 I'm so excited about this, too! I'm hoping this one works for restaurant high chairs, like the store bought ones do!

The website I found this idea at is not in English, sorry. The pictures explain it well enough. I'm going to do the African flowers first, then sew the fabric pin cushion to fit them.  I can't wait to have the beautiful, colorful addition to my sewing area!

This is adorable! I'll have to this for both Greg and I before Elizabeth gets too big! Maybe this mother's and father's day! 

And finally, #1: Greg's Anniversary Gift

Sorry, no photos yet, or details even. If I put it on here, he'll see! And it will ruin the surprise! Our anniversary is next Monday, so I'll reveal it then! That is, unless we exchange gifts early.

Do you have a growing to do list because of Pinterest?

I bid you adieu! 
<3 Beav

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